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Hi there everyone! So wow it has been forever! But I'm finally back to writing and I have to say it feels great! My seemingly unending hiatus has ceased and I'm back on dA at last :iconhappyblushplz: I am sorry to all those that I made wait for so long for my stories and I will be finishing each one that is in progress. For my FrancexReader, you can expect at least 3 more parts in the story if not more. EstoniaxReader will be a touch shorter unless my brain goes wild and comes up with a new twist, so you can expect about 2 more chapters before that's wrapped up. AustriaxReader will probably be around 3 to 4 more chapters depending on how things go :) I'm really excited to get writing again! I hope you all are doing well and I'll be posting again soon!

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Sunlight. Never before had it been so unwelcome. You could feel the bright rays beating against your eyelids, coaxing you, no, more like coercing you to open your eyes. You weren’t ready though; not at all. Firstly, you had hardly slept a wink last night between your racing thoughts, consuming guilt, and anxiety attacks over what had transpired just last night. Second, you would have to leave the room some time, the thought of which was already so overwhelmingly stressful that you wanted to explode. How were you supposed to act? What were you supposed to say? “Hi sorry for betraying your trust, going through your most precious belongings, and dredging up painful and unforgettable life experiences for you, but we can still be best friends right?”. Oh yeah right. Like that would fly. Honestly though…what frightened you the most was the seemingly impending loss of the man dearest to you. Why? Why did you have to be so stupid? The best friendship you had ever had in your life that took such time to build was torn down in an instant, and it was your fault.

Sucking it up and deciding to face the inevitable, you slowly opened your tired eyes, giving in to the sun’s persistent demands. Clumsily you reached over to grab your phone from the bedside table, smacking your hand around on the smooth surface dumbly until you finally found what you were looking for. Bringing it to your eyes you winced as you unlocked it, the artificial light roasting your sensitive retinas as you looked at the time. 11:30 AM? Shit fuck. Had you really slept in THAT far? Sure it was comfortable to wake up around that time for you but you knew France usually rose at about 7 or 8 in the morning, and if that was the case today he was probably under the impression that you were rather bluntly and deliberately trying to avoid him. You ran a hand through your messy hair, grunting when your fingers snagged a knot and tugged your scalp.

Glancing at your phone further you noted the date: May 30th. Ok so May 30th, that meant she had a while longer staying at France which you contemplated could either be a completely awkward disaster in which you were thrown out, or a chance for restoration; you hoped for the later but didn’t have much confidence in it. You were drawn from your ponderings of your relationship however by a sudden, peculiar feeling. It was very odd indeed and abstract. It was sort of like the feeling you have when you know you’re forgetting something but can’t put your finger on what, but it was also similar to an underlying sense of anxiety. What was it though? Nothing jumped out at you…11:30 AM…ok whatever…the incident with Francis…ok not that because it wouldn’t create a feeling of forgetting something…so then…May 30th…May 30th….what the hell was with May---
Your eyes widened and your heart stopped as you stared forward completely still…

The anniversary of the death of Jeanne d’Arc….

You felt your entire body go cold. You felt like an empty shell, nothing left inside of you but consuming sorrow. Could this possibly be any worse? She betrayed his trust….she brought up memories of Jeanne…and now the anniversary of her death…

For a moment you nearly burst into tears, but a sudden psychological smack to your face stopped you from doing so and caused you to straighten up. How in the hell could you be sitting here feeling sorry for yourself when France was obviously the one suffering?

‘Whether or not France thinks of me as a friend anymore, I still think of him as one…even if he turns me away and doesn’t want it, I want to be there for him…I at least have to try..’ you thought to yourself before slowly getting to your feet and dressing yourself in a casual outfit. You didn’t want to look frumpy today by any means but you also didn’t want to overdress and look like a fake; either one would be further insulting to France.

You then moved to aggressively rake through your hair, ignoring the stinging sensation of your scalp being tugged at before stepping over to the bedroom door and placing your hand on the knob. You turned it halfway and then froze…this was it…you would find out now how things would be between you two. Were you ready for this? No. There was no time to think about that. Your worrying wouldn’t change anything anyway, and so with a deep breath you rotated the knob another half turn and pulled the door open slowly.

For a moment you were perfectly still as you stepped out into the hall. Silence…complete silence. It was uncomfortable to say the least, especially since France was the type that liked to keep busy with something, however small, whether it was cooking or just humming or singing to himself. You swallowed once before making your way to the living room. Each step you took felt heavy and slow, like you were walking to your execution or something. Upon your arrival you found no more life than you had in the hallway. By life you didn’t mean a living being…no…by life you meant that glow…that zest…that joy that Francis brought everywhere he went. Strange or not, France was indisputably a ray of sunshine.

Finally working up your courage after a few moments, you called out. “Francis?”

You were quiet at first. Actually your call came out much quieter than you had expected, making you nearly smack yourself for the stupidity of it. After a moment you called his name again, louder this time but not really a shout. Still no answer…was he ignoring you? Trying to avoid you? No he wouldn’t do that. Even a pissed off France always had something to say; whether for better or worse, never a dull moment with him. Finally you called out loudly, feeling insecure at your own volume level, but you were greeted again with silence.

Well now you had one conclusion. He had gone out. This was bad…during any stays with him, France would never go out without either inviting you or letting you know where he’d be. The only time France left unannounced is if he was either agitated to the point where he may completely destroy his reputation for being fabulous or if he was incredibly upset. The message? He wanted to get away…away from you…

This time you couldn’t hold back your tears. You didn’t weep loudly or fall to the ground; you simply stood there with tears streaming down your cheeks. This was all so wrong. You wanted to wake up from this nightmare. You wanted to go back; back to the time when you and France could laugh and talk about anything together without any tension or fear of being betrayed.

‘I could wait for France to come back…no…no I want to prove to him that I do care about him and that I’m not neglecting his feelings! I’ll go look for him. I’m sure I’ll find him if I check a few of his favorite spots…I wish I could just find out where he is…not like he’s going to call or text me though when things are like this.’ You thought to yourself before collecting your purse and heading out.

The first place you checked was a delightful café only a few blocks down that you and France had always frequented to people watch. You smiled as you gazed upon the petite eatery despite your frustrations. You and France had always enjoyed coming here to have a warm drink and maybe something to nibble on as you people-watched. You’d take turns guessing what each person was like in their private life. You’d guess on what they did for a job, if they were taken romantically or not, what they were thinking right then, what their personality may be, and even their sexual preferences at times. Often your theories were so hilarious that it was quite difficult for both of you not to burst into laughter for fear of catching the attention of the individual you had been observing.

But soon your smiled faded. You had gone in, scanned the restaurant and even asked the manger if she had seen Francis at all that day and she said that she hadn’t. He wasn’t here…

‘It’s ok…there are still other places I can check.’ You assured yourself before moving on to a park you knew France loved.

Your smile had involuntarily returned as you observed the various flowers, knowing which ones were France’s favorites and how you would listen to him go on about the meanings of each flower and which ones he was going to plant at his own home. But still…you had asked around, talking to each gardener as they were all quite familiar with Francis, and all claimed that hadn’t seen him.

You bit your lip. ‘It’s ok…there are still others…’ you thought once again.

Discouragement…utter discouragement was all you could feel now despite your attempts to keep your chin up. You had been searching two hours now with no luck whatsoever…what were you supposed to do..? It was already 2:00 in the afternoon…had he gone home already? Maybe he had and your searching was practically pointless now. Hell, your brain wasn’t working at all right now. Why hadn’t you considered that before? Should you have just waited at home?

‘I guess…I guess I’ll go back and check to see if he is at home…’ you thought ruefully as you began to head back to France’s home.

Your feet dragged as you were tired both emotionally and physically. You felt drained and empty. Motivation? You had none. All that was left was an intense feeling of disappointment in yourself. You sure had felt a lot of disappointment today…damn it was a lifetime’s worth of disappointment….like…there should be a damn award for you for most disappointment felt in one day. At least you’d get something out of this depressing circumstance.

‘Francis…where did you go? Am I really so awful…? All I want…all I want is to see him again. I just wish I could apologize! I wish--’

Your thoughts froze when suddenly you caught a familiar figure in your peripheral vision. You quickly turned to see Francis…it was him…there he was! You had found him finally! He seemed relatively relaxed right now too…so maybe it was a good opportunity. He was just chatting with a few people.

Before you could step forward or even call out to France, however, you caught something else in your line of sight. A girl..? There was a young woman not too far away from Francis with a camera held tightly, looking slightly flustered. Maybe she was a tourist? She seemed a tad lost. You inched a bit closer but tried to remain unseen to Francis as you watched this girl that had somehow had you rather intrigued…what was it about her though? You took a closer look at the young woman. She was rather beautiful. She had short blonde hair and enchanting greenish-blue eyes. Her face was filled with life and youth but a firmness and confidence too…she looked almost familiar to you. You weren’t sure how though. You were certain you had never met the girl before…..then it hit you. It hit you with intense shock, making your heart skip a beat.

‘She…she’s practically her clone…Jeanne…’ you thought in disbelief. Here you were today having just thought about her and…and here she was…here she was blushing and taking a picture of Francis…wait…wait taking a picture of Francis?! You shook your head to refocus yourself but you were seeing this correctly. The girl was obviously infatuated with him even if it was merely by his appearance.

Really…this was all too much. Was there an award for the most ridiculous day ever? Because if there was you were sure to win that one too. Then your shock increased all the more…your heart throbbed and you felt yourself all into a mixed state of indiscernible emotions as France suddenly spotted the girl. Your eyes widened as you saw France’s cheeks flush, looking even more shocked than you have as he approached the girl with a stride that was slightly cautious. Francis…Francis with flushed cheeks? Francis never got embarrassed…he…he never did that for you…

You watched as the girl vehemently apologized, obviously embarrassed that she had been found out, but France only responded with a quick and flustered phrase, looking more flattered than anything. Wait. Now he was flustered? Francis…was he….was he equally taken by this girl…? You couldn’t help the jealous and pain you felt at the thought of Francis liking another girl or spending time with her…but they were just talking after all. Francis would get worried about you eventually anyway and return home so it wasn’t like they were going to spend the day together…

You had been too quick to judge…you watched as the two sorted things out before France enthusiastically and charming asked the young, beautiful woman if she wanted a tour…offering to show her around and spend the day with her…just like…

‘Just like what he did for me…’

For the rest of the day you played people-watcher. Stalker…what a terrible term. You weren’t stalking! You were just watching out for France to see where this would go! Yes, you observed…you observed how they talked together so happily and casually with France looking more delighted and at peace than you were certain you had ever seen him before. You watched them head to a café, chatting over their meals which Francis paid for. He took her around to all of the best things he could offer to her…all day he pampered her…indulged her…charmed her and treated her like a delicate and precious princess. But…but maybe he was just being kind. You knew France loved to make other people happy. Maybe this was one of his good deeds? He couldn’t be in love with a woman he just met! Or so you told yourself as you took a moment to gaze off into the setting sun before pursuing them further. Damn…setting sun? Had Francis really taken all day to bring this girl around? Had you really been following them for that long?

You quietly followed them to what you presumed would be their final destination…it was a beautiful view…so…romantic…so intimate…and then you listened…you listened to Francis teach and discuss history with this young girl. Your stomach knotted up when Jeanne was mentioned…but why? Why was France so freely telling this girl about a woman who was his past love when he never wanted to take about her with you?! How could he talk to a complete stranger like this?! What was he thinking? Maybe he just needed someone today. Someone to confide in since he had gone through so much pain yesterday. He wasn’t in love with some girl he had just met. She didn’t mean as much to him as you did. She was a tourist. A cute girl. This was a favor! Generosity! Francis was not---!

Then…you watched as if the scene before you was in slow motion and your heart shattered…France spoke to this girl…this Lisa woman…he spoke to her with the most tender, gentle, and compassionate voice with the softest expression you had ever seen him wear..and then he clasped her hand, squeezing it in his.

Tears immediately welled up in your eyes as you whipped around and ran. You had seen enough.

‘What was I thinking…? Why did I…why did I ever think Francis could love me! Why did I think the sweet things he did for me were signs of love? I’m so pathetic! I’m so…so selfish!’ you thought as tears flowed down your cheeks. People stared at you as you ran down the streets towards France’s home. You didn’t care. You just wanted to leave. ‘I am selfish…I’m so stupid! How could I ever think that I could be the match of Jeanne! Francis…there’s no room for me in his heart…he can’t stop…he’s never stopped loving her. His heart still wants her just as much now as it did then. Now he has her back…he can have what he has always wanted! He doesn’t need me to be here anymore!’

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, you burst through the front door of France’s home and ran straight for your guest bedroom, now allowing loud, choked sobs to erupt from your aching throat. You snatched up your bags aggressively, whipping your things around the room and packing them as fast as you could, shoving open makeup in with your clothes and whatever else was in reach. You didn’t care anymore. You just HAD to leave!

Finally. Finally you were done. You were going to leave. Francis wouldn’t have to worry about you anymore and he could move on with his life and finally have the happiness he had always deserved and dreamed of for as long as he had existed.

You raced to the front door, tears gushing down your cheeks still, your face flushed and distorted from your grieving. You looked like a mess. Whatever. What did it matter? You just had to find a hotel. Nobody would know you anyway. It’s not like you’d ever be coming back here again. So with that you whipped open the front door before slamming directly into…

“F-Francis…..” you breathed.

It seemed like it had been forever since you had last seen him…his deep blue eyes met yours with a look of absolute shock. He stared at you for a moment, observing your face before looking down to see your bags at your sides. Shit…you probably looked horrible right now. He was probably just glad you were getting out of here and he didn’t have to ask you himself to leave.

“I-I’m sorry Francis…I’m sorry for everything” you rushed, not looking at him anymore. “Sorry for everything. I understand now. It’s ok. I’m not upset. I’m going ok? You don’t have to worry.”

You tried to squeeze past him and get out the front door but found that he wouldn’t budge. Your heart beat rapidly. What was he doing? Why couldn’t he just let you go?!

“I-it’s hard to leave when you’re standing there. If you want to tell me how you feel you don’t have to. I know.” You spewed out before trying to move past him once more, only this time France forced you back by way of simply stepping forward and closing the front door. “Wh-what are you doing?!”

“That’s what I want to ask you.” France said, finally breaking his silence with an utterly confused tone.

Why was he talking that way? Didn’t he get it?!

“I’m leaving! You don’t have to feel obligated to care about me anymore ok?! I know how you feel so just…just don’t worry about it!” you cried, once again trying to get past France, only to have your shoulders gripped by familiar hands…why was his grip gentle though? Wasn’t he mad?

“What are you talking about?” France asked, nearly desperately. “What do you mean you know how I feel? You thought I wanted you to leave?!” his voice rose in volume but he wasn’t shouting or angry with you…he seemed to be trying to assert how he was feeling.

“How else was I supposed to take it?! You left all day long! And I know…I know you…I know you can’t move on and that’s fine! I’m not upset about you finding someone you want! I know you’re in love with that girl! I know you can never move on from Jeanne and I’m not upset! I’m not sad! If you’re happy then I’m happy and--! Ah!” you were cut off from your rant when Francis suddenly began guiding you towards that private room…the one that had started all of this mess. “What are you doing? Have you listened to anything I’ve said?! Francis!” You grunted and tugged away. “Let me go!”

Francis would not comply. He guided you into the room and as quickly as he could, he pulled his treasured portrait of Jeanne out and propped it up so it could be viewed properly. What the hell?! What was the point of this?! Was he trying to prove himself to you or something? Was he going to get mad at you? What--!

Before you knew it you were pulled into strong but loving arms and crushed gently up against Francis’s warm chest….what…? What was happening…?

“F-Francis…?” you breathed uncertainly.

“Jeanne….” Francis said softly. “I love this woman…”

Your entire being froze in that moment… “Wh-what are you….?”
“I have always loved you, Jeanne…my heart will still always treasure you. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I loved you. I knew it before, but today I was sure. I’ve found someone I love more.” He said softly before tilting your head up to look at him.

You had remained completely still in France’s arms the entire time, trying to process just what was happening, and when your face was finally guided up to his you were shocked to see the most loving expression you had ever seen in your life on his face. Then gradually his expression slowly changed into one that was rather flustered and genuinely nervous as he looked upon you with hopeful eyes.

“I love you ______________. Je t’aime.” he said to you gently.
You were in shock…it couldn’t be true could it..? The man you had loved for so long. The man you had betrayed only yesterday. Now…now this? His confession was different than you had ever expected. Somehow, you had always imagined France being rather romantic and dramatic, pulling you into his arms and lacing one hand with yours, giving you that enchanting smile that made your heart race before confessing openly with a confident smile and sealing it with a kiss. This was so different though. He loved you…but…

“Francis…b-but the girl today…” you froze and ever so slowly a blush rose to your cheeks. You had merely meant to inquire about his intentions with her, but you had simultaneously dug your own grave, revealing that you had followed him.

‘Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look!’ you urged yourself in your mind. Soon temptation won over logic, however, and you looked up to see Francis…SMIRKING?!

Oh now THIS was the Francis Bonnefoy you knew! Indulging in your embarrassment and smirking at you, ready to exploit the situation since he could never shut up and pass on a chance to tease someone.

He cocked a brow and narrowed his eyes, trying his very best (and he was succeeding) in embarrassing you as much as he possibly could. “Oh? Honhonhon ma petite ________________, how would you know that I was with someone today unless you had followed moi? Were you jealous? I never imagined you’d be so entranced by me that you would follow me all day~” he teased, obviously soaking in every moment of this.

You stuttered and squirmed in his hold for a few moments before suddenly something came over you. “Francis..! I-I…I’m serious here! That girl looked like Jeanne today! Isn’t this what you always wanted? You can’t just…” you trailed off.

“_______________, did you listen to me at all before? Your attention span is getting shorter~” he teased again, but before you could respond he continued. “I said I love you. I said I love you most.” He said gently as he stroked your cheek and cupped it. “I promise.”

You were quiet for a few moments until finally you were able to answer. “I love you too Francis…j-je t’aime aussi…” you breathed.

Before you could even respond to him, he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. Before you knew it, your eyes had closed and a few lone tears slipped from your eyes as you returned the kiss with just as much devotion…you didn’t know how you had gotten here and you didn’t care. Francis Bonnefoy was truly yours, and you had no qualms about becoming his.

‘I have wanted to tell you...’ France thought. ‘But for so long all I could do was see Jeanne’s face in my mind. She was the first woman I had ever loved with all my heart. She had gone so far as to sacrifice her life for me. Since then, I felt guilty if I considered moving on. I felt like I was betraying her…but when I met ________________ I couldn’t hold back anymore.’

For so long he had never forgotten. Sure he had moved forward and was happy but it never took away what had happened. Now though…you were just so soft and warm. The way your body fit against his and your soft lips...he could hardly take it. He had held back for so long that this was almost painful.

Finally after a long moment you both pulled away. You were almost certain you looked absolutely ridiculous and dazed but that didn’t matter anymore. Not one bit. Slowly, you rested your head against France’s chest, surprised when you heard just how loud and quickly his heart was beating. You smiled at the thought but didn’t say a word, simply resting against him. Nothing stood in between you thought the wall would be scary to tear down but it wasn’t; it was nothing but relief.

“I love you…” you whispered, smiling as you enjoyed the feel of allowing those words to finally roll past your lips.

You were about to continue, when a churning, odd growling sound broke the silence, causing you to flush in embarrassment.

You heard your new love chuckle against the top of your head before he pulled you back to kiss your forehead. “It sounds like ma petite chaton is hungry, non?” he said, his confidence now apparently fully returned as he pressed another kiss to your forehead without hesitation. “Then allow me to get a lovely dinner started for my beautiful ______________.” He finished smoothly before rather suddenly but elegantly lifting you up bridal style.

“A-ah! Wh-what are you doing?!” you cried, feeling terribly embarrassed, especially having France’s hand so close to your backside as he held you.

He merely smiled at you as if he did this every single day. “What’s wrong? You’re mine now, right?” he winked at you. “I’m simply being affectionate to mon ange~” he finished, seeming not caring one bit if he made you at all uncomfortable as he carried you to the kitchen.

You were wordless, simply making a small sound before remaining quiet and allowing him to do as he pleased. Maybe you were in over your head dating a man like Francis.

Slowly you allowed yourself a soft smile and rested your head against him as he carried you, much to his satisfaction from the small content sound you heard from him.

What was there to worry about? Even if you were in over your head you were sure you’d figure it out.
France x Reader: Being Loved...Part 7
Wow...ok so holy shit guys! I am finally back from the dead! I guess Valentine's Day gave me the love bug this year and I got really in the mood to write something romantic. Who or what is more romantic than France? Also, yes I indeed did reference the France-centric episode from the 5th Hetalia season. :iconhappyblushplz: So yeah I guess that's about all I really have to say about this other than I'm sorry for being gone for so long and I hope you all enjoy this! It WILL be continued this time! My writer's motivation has finally returned! :iconhappyfrancisplz:


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Hey everyone :) I wish I could say I was an artist in the areas of drawing and painting but I'm not really. I do some photography which is pretty darn good but more than that I am an excellent writer and I do it every single day.

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Hi there everyone! So wow it has been forever! But I'm finally back to writing and I have to say it feels great! My seemingly unending hiatus has ceased and I'm back on dA at last :iconhappyblushplz: I am sorry to all those that I made wait for so long for my stories and I will be finishing each one that is in progress. For my FrancexReader, you can expect at least 3 more parts in the story if not more. EstoniaxReader will be a touch shorter unless my brain goes wild and comes up with a new twist, so you can expect about 2 more chapters before that's wrapped up. AustriaxReader will probably be around 3 to 4 more chapters depending on how things go :) I'm really excited to get writing again! I hope you all are doing well and I'll be posting again soon!

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pinkypop89 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2015  Student General Artist
Explosive Sushi! I have a request for an L Lawliet x reader romantic parter story. I love L and seeing your icon of him have me the idea of doing a romantic saga of L instead of the Hetalia countries. You do or don't have to include his death. Just something romantic for the L Lawliet fangirls out on Deviantart. Also of you have Facebook, you can friend me or check out my posts. They are mostly about L. I'm Shelby Devine but I have an icon in L 28th glasses on. Just let me know if you can do the L x reader and update me!!!! Love ya!
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