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"Run faster Italy! What is your problem?!!" Germany shouted, glaring at the whining Italian behind him.

You smiled softly as you watched the scene before you; the Axis powers training. But you weren't watching Germany or Italy. Sure they were your friends but honestly you didn't care about them right now. No….you were watching your friend Japan.

You had been friends with Japan for a long time now…and in all honesty, you had fallen for him. You had pretty much fallen in love with him from day one. Those beautiful brown eyes and his silky black hair and perfect skin…and his absolutely adorable accent…everything about him made your heart pound.

There was only one thing that bothered you though. The day you met Japan, you tried to hug him.  You were absolutely unaware that he felt very uncomfortable with that sort of thing. His face had filled with panic and he hadn't even let you touch him.

It had been a whole year of you two being friends and you still hadn't hugged him even once, even though you had tried over 9,000 times…and your patience was wearing thin.

'Today, I'll try. I'll hug him for sure today.' You thought to yourself with a smile.

After about half an hour, the Axis finally finished their training. You made your way over to Kiku who was sitting down, drinking some water.

"You did really good Kiku." You said smiling happily, taking a seat next to him.

"Thank you _______-san." Japan said, looking at you.

You smiled back but inwardly something else was bothering you. The way he addressed you; you wished he would stop that.

'Ok…I'll try it now.' You thought with determination.

"Kiku?" you said softly, trying to get his attention, as he was now looking off in the distance.

"Hai?" he said turning around.

His face immediately went from collected to flustered when you began to lean in toward him with your arms open.

"N-n-n-nani?! _______-san!" he said, backing away hurriedly. "Th-that is my personarl space. I hope you understand how awkward that is for me." He sighed.

You smiled at him but your eyes grew sad, so you closed them to hide your true feelings.

"I-it's ok, Kiku. I shouldn't have done that…"

'So much for the hug…'


A few days later you were sitting at home and smiling down at a piece of paper that was numbered 1-4.

"Yes! My four plans of action to get Kiku Honda to hug me!" You said, pumping your fist in determination. "One of them has to work."

Smiling brightly, you ran your finger across the first plan that said "Use super cuteness!"

"Ok!" you said, jumping up and heading to your room to put on the new outfit you got just for this….


Japan was outside looking into the small pond in his front yard when.

"Kiku! Hi there!" you called, making him turn around.

His cheeks instantly flushed when he saw what you were wearing. You really did look cute, just as you had planned and you were skipping toward him. Your (color) hair was bouncing adorably and your (color) shirt and (color) skirt flattered you perfectly. Not to mention your makeup and facial expression was perfect.
"__-________-san…why are you wearing that?" Japan stammered.

"Because I like it!" you said, standing close to him. "Do you…think it looks cute on me, Kiku?" you asked.

"Aah….werl…." he said, stepping back a bit.

You smiled. "It's ok, Kiku. You don't have to like it…but you know what would be nice?" you asked, blinking adorably. This was not in your nature…ugh…but you really wanted a hug from Kiku.

"What?" he asked uncertainly.

"A hug!" you said, opening your arms and moving forward.

Japan immediately bolted out of the way…and unfortunately as he did so, you fell straight into the pond behind him.



It was time for plan two seeing as plan one only resulted in you getting soaking wet. Today you were walking in the park with Kiku….you were ready…

"It's beautiful out today isn't it Kiku?" you said, admiring the weather.

"Hai, it is." He said, looking around as well.

While Kiku's eyes were averted, you "fell" down.

"Ah!" you cried, hitting the ground.

"______-san!" Japan said, startled that you had so suddenly fallen down.

'Hehe, now he'll have to put his hand behind my back and start lifting me up…when he does that, I'll hug him.'

However in just seconds your hopes were dashed when Japan simply extended his hand to you.

"Here, I wirl help you up." He said giving you a polite smile.



You rushed into Kiku's yard in tears, crying loudly.

"_________-san!" Kiku said with alarm, hopping off his front porch and rushing up to you.

"K-Kiku…" you sniffed.

"_______-san…what happened?" he asked.

"Kiku…things have just been so difficult lately and I just don't know what to do anymore…am I a bad person? Why….are these things happening to me? I just….I'm sorry if I'm bothering you…I just needed someone right now." You breathed.

'I'm totally breaking down here. Any friend would hug you if you looked this terrible! There's no way Kiku will avoid me now!'

Japan's eyes softened sympathetically. "______-san…." He said softly.

You looked into his eyes and he smiled at you. 'He's finally going to hug me.' You thought.

You made a serious "what the fuck" face when Kiku turned around and began to walk away.

"Come, _______-san. I wirl make us some tea and you can terl me more."



You were now on your way to a party at America's house and you were totally excited!...for more than one reason.

The first reason you were excited was because America's parties were always fun of course and all the countries were going to be there….but the second was that you had actually been gone on a vacation for THREE WEEKS! You had never gone that long without seeing Kiku. Surely he would have missed you enough that when you went up to give him a simple, casual hug he would be happy to at least accept it.

Knocking at the door, your friend America answered.

"________! Dude! I'm totally glad you're here!" America shouted, pulling you in.

"Ah! Calm down America!" you laughed.

"Heh, sorry." He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Ve~! ________! I missed you!" Italy shouted, rushing up and hugging you.

You smiled and hugged him back. "Hey, Feliciano. I missed you too." You said, rubbing his back.

Now Italy…THIS was a guy who would hug an eggplant if he thought it was alive.

"Ja, it's been a while _______." Germany added, walking up behind Italy who was still spazzing about seeing you again.

"Yeah it's good to be back. Um…have you guys seen Kiku anywhere?" you asked, already scanning the room for the said man.

"Ve~! He's over there!" Italy said pointing to a far corner where Japan was standing rather uncomfortably.

You couldn't help but giggle as you made your way over. Kiku was never really one for parties.

"Kiku!" you called, waving your hand.

Much to your delight he smiled and met you halfway, so that you were now in the center of the room.

"I missed you a lot while I was gone." You said softly. It was true…this wasn't just a method to get a hug…you really had missed Kiku.

"Same here _______-san. It is unusual to have you gone for so rong." He replied still smiling at you, genuinely happy about your return.

"Kiku….um…." you said, blushing. You were beginning to feel sort of bad about all these attempts at hugging him but…you just had to! You had to feel at least once what it was like to be held by the man you loved!

"Hai _______-san?" he said politely.

Finally you looked at him with a soft smile and tender eyes as you leaned forward for a hug. You had just managed to brush against his arm when….

"_______-san! I…this is my personarl space remember? And…in front of so many others…it is rude." He said, looking off to the side.

Suddenly, your whole body became saturated with hurt and pure liquid lava replaced the blood in your veins.

"Kiku….you….YOU IDIOT!!!" you screamed, pulling your hand back and swinging it back across his right cheek with full force.

SMACK!!!! The echoing sound caused everyone at the party to look over.

Kiku looked absolutely stunned, along with everyone else in the room as he cupped his now reddened cheek.

"A LITTLE HUG ISN'T GONNA HURT YOU! You're such a jerk! If you're so polite and good at sensing the mood or whatever the hell you call it, then how about putting your insecurity aside and thinking about someone else for a change?!!!" you cry, with your eyes welling up with tears.

You took a few deep breaths before turning around and running away, out of the party….

….it was silent inside Alfred's house for a long time……

"Um…I think ______ might be mad, guys." America said finally.

Everyone just looked over and gave him a "no shit" look….everyone except for Kiku who still held his cheek with regret filling his eyes. He couldn't get your face out of his mind and the words you said…


For about three weeks now, you had been avoiding Kiku as much as possible. Even when he tried to interact with you, you kept things short and rather plain. And today was no exception.

"________-san!" Japan called after you as you walked down the hall, leaving the latest world conference.

You turned to look at him without saying a word.

"Werl…Itary, Germany, and I are going to get something to eat together. Wourld you rike to come too?" he asked, trying to smile at you.

"Sorry but I can't. I'm afraid that I've had enough talking and interaction for the day. You see, if I'm around for people too long I begin to feel awkward. Also, would you mind stepping back a bit? You're in my personal space." You said simply before turning around. "I'm going home."

Japan stood still with his eyes growing sad….how long was this going to go on? He missed you. He didn't like it. He was so used to having you around and being a part of his life…..

'Now I understand it….this is how _________-san must have been feerling….' Japan thought to himself when he took into account his own feelings.

"Hey, Japan. She still not talking to you?" America said, walking up next to his friend and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Hai…" Japan said, not really paying attention to America.

"Um…dude? I think you might've closed the door to your relationship back at the party." America said rubbing the back of his neck.

Japan's eyes immediately widened and he turned to face America with the utmost anxiety on his face.

"I mean, I know that kinda stuff makes you feel awkward or whatever but she really did miss you and you could've been nicer to ________. Um…you were kind of a dick back there." America said honestly, giving a light chuckle at the end.

Japan was about to respond but was interrupted by Italy running up to him with Germany following close behind.

"Japan! Is ________ coming with us?!" Italy asked excitedly.

"No…she went home." Japan said quietly.

Italy pouted and Germany sighed.

"Well we can still try and have fun right ve~?" Italy said beaming.

Japan stared off into space for a while. "Itary, I think I wirl go too…I have something I need to take care of."


You were sitting at home on your couch hugging a pillow…this sucked. Your life felt so empty and incomplete without your Nihon….you missed him like crazy….

Suddenly there was a knock at your door.

"Coming!" you called, standing up with a sigh.

You honestly didn't expect to see Japan when you opened your front door.

"Kiku…." You said softly, before shaking your head and frowning once again. "What are you doing here? Aren't you going out to have fun with your friends?"

"I…I wourld rike to come inside and tarlk to you if that is arlright." He said slowly.

You sighed and stood off to the side. "Well come in then." You said, allowing him to walk past before closing the front door.

You walked over to your couch, sat down, and allowed Japan to join you.

Things were silent for a moment….

"__________-san…I wourld rike to—"

"Stop it! Don't you dare apologize unless you mean it." You snapped. "You're probably just saying you're sorry because you feel awkward about how things are now."

"I'm not! Werl….maybe a rittle….but it's because I…I don't rike having you gone ______-san. I miss you…very much." He explained, looking at you with sincere eyes. "I am sorry…I just can't terl you how sorry I am."

You stared at him for a while but soon your eyes welled up with tears and you began to sob. "I don't like it either!" you cried. "I….I haven't even been angry for the past two weeks! I just didn't know how…how to get things back to how they were…I felt….awkward.." you said, laughing at your last word, feeling that you had sufficiently overused the buzz word lately.

"So you are not angry at me __________-san?" Japan asked gently.

You shook your head. "No…and I'm sorry for being such a royal bitch to you Kiku. If…if you don't want to hug people, that's fine. It was out of line for me to yell at you like that. I guess it just seems like you avoid me more than others sometimes and it hurt my feelings."

There was a silence….

"_______…do you know why I don't hug you?" Japan asked, looking at you intently.

'He just called me by name…without addressing me the way he always does…' you thought.

"Well…because it bothers you of course." you replied.

Japan shook his head which made you look puzzled.

He gulped hard. "I….I realry rike you _______…I….aishiteru…." he confessed with heated cheeks.

You gasped and your eyes widened. You didn't know the entire Japanese language…but you CERTAINLY knew what that meant.

"Kiku….." you breathed, touching his hand.

He blushed but allowed the touch, looking directly into your (color eyes) with his chocolate ones.

"Aishiteru….Kiku…." you said with a smile. "Can I hug you now?"

Much to your surprise, Japan said nothing but rather, leaned forward and drew you into his arms.

You felt the world stop around you as your eyes fluttered closed. You had waited a whole year for this hug….and feeling it now and how perfectly amazing it was, you knew you would wait a hundred more years just to feel it again.

He was so gentle….he held your frame with such respect and care. You could feel it in his entire body how much he valued you…and though his hug was soft, it was full of love and affection.

As the minutes passed, you both became more comfortable as your head now rested in the crook of his neck and his rested in yours. You sighed into the skin of his neck, making him shiver from your warm breath…

Japan wondered what the hell he had been thinking, holding out on this. Now that he was holding you….he had never felt happier or more at peace in his life…

Finally the two of you separated and you looked at each other with the most love filled eyes in the world…

Without even really realizing it, you leaned forward and placed a tiny kiss on Kiku's cheek, making him gasp and blush.

"Ah! K-Kiku! I'm sorry! I didn't really mean to…heh I should be glad that I was even able to hug you and that you returned my love and tha—"

"You missed…." You said in a barely audible voice.

"What?" you asked, raising a brow.

You're entire face turned red along with Kiku's as he cupped your cheek with the utmost care.

"I said…y-you…missed…" he finished, as he leaned forward to press his soft lips against yours.

Your eyes widened in shock at first. Was this real? Were you dreaming? You had originally expected your day to suck at best, not become the best day of your life!

Every so gently, you tilted you head at a slightly different angle to give your lips better access to Kiku's as you pressed them against his in return. Soon your arms had moved from your sides to his shoulders, and from his shoulders to around his neck, playing with some of the black hair at the base of his head. In the meantime, Kiku's hold on you had become more confident as well as intimate, with his arms wrapped around your waist….

"Woah! Japan and _______ are kissing! Awesome dude!" an enthusiastic voice suddenly shouted, causing you and Kiku to immediately separate.

"America?!!! What the fuck are you doing in my house?!!!" you shouted in outrage with cheeks heated from both anger and embarrassment.

America laughed. "Well I saw Japan heading toward your house so I thought I'd swing by to see if everything was going ok, but I see that things are better than fine here." America said with a wink, making you and Kiku blush even more.

"America! Get the fuck out of my house!" you snarled.

America put his hands up in front of his body and waved them back and forth. "Ok! Ok!" he said, turning around and opening the front door, taking a step out.

You sighed along with Kiku.

"Oh! One more thing before I go!" America said with a stupid grin.

"What?" you asked, rolling your eyes.

"You guys have a condom ready right?"


That's right guys! I decided to make this a two part story!!!
The second part IS A LEMON.
Part 2 (LEMON): [link]

Part 3 (LEMON): [link]

Part 4:[link]
Woohoo! Well here's a Japan x Reader for you all! :iconkikuplz:
XD I seriously hope that some random person caught the "over 9,000" reference :iconover9000plz:
I picked Japan because I feel like he is SERIOUSLY underappreciated. I adore Japan XD He's so damn cute and I just feel like he needs more attention. Along with me wanting Japan to get more attention, I just was dying for a hug today (which I still haven't gotten) and thus this little oneshot was born! Well now I'm babbling like an idiot (which is not uncommon), so I'm just gonna say thanks for taking the time to read! :iconitalyistoohappyplz:

Like this? More here: [link]
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