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"Lovino…what are you so annoyed about THIS time?" you asked, looking at your pouting Italian best friend.

"None of your damned business!" he shouted, folding his arms.

You frowned. You had been friends with Romano since…well…forever! But there were times where he was a royal pain in the ass, like right now.

"Lovino, give me a break. You know you can talk to me about anything; right?" you said, putting a hand on his shoulder, which he shrugged off stubbornly.

Your frown deepened and your eyes saddened a bit as well. There was no telling how long you had continued to assure him that he could talk to you about anything, but he never really opened up. There were times when he would lean against your shoulder or sit a little closer to you and give off a sort of emotion but he never really came out with it.

"You've been acting weird for like three weeks now and it's getting worse. I'm really worried about you." You continued.

"Well stop worrying already!" he growled.

Ok, now you were getting annoyed. "Well…alright! If you're going to talk to me like that, you really must not like me very much! That's why you're talking to me like this!"

Romano rolled his eyes. "Stop yelling. You're making my head hurt you idiot."

"Screw you! I can't believe I made time for you today just so you could yell at me!" you shouted, finally storming off.

It hurt your feelings….he didn't even try to call you back to him.

'Who needs him?' you thought to yourself as you continued to make your way home.

Finally getting to your house, you opened the door stiffly and closed it roughly, locking it up tight and plopping down onto your couch.

You were sitting there angry as a hornet at first but after a while your eyes softened. 'Maybe I was too hard on Lovino…but still, he's not going to want to see me today. I need to call a friend.'

Reaching for your phone you decided to call one of your closest friends; a person who always managed to calm your nerves without even having to do anything…

You waited patiently as the rings continued about five times before it was finally answered by a soft and polite voice.

"Hey Kiku…" you said, dully. Great. Now you felt like a bitch.

"____, I thought you were going to be with Romano today." Japan said smoothly.

"Yeah I was but he was being an ass so I left…can I come over to your place?"

There was a slight pause.

"Uhh Kiku?" you said, raising a brow.

"We shall see." He said.

You groaned. "Seriously Kiku? Just say no." you said before hanging up. Damn…Kiku's weird way of saying no.

You rubbed your eyes, feeling oddly tired. Who else could you call that wasn't going to piss you off right now? You went through a mental list of several people before deciding on the weirdest person…no not France, but someone you wouldn't normally pick if all you wanted to do was chill out.

You reached for your phone again before you changed your mind and dialed the number…

"Hey! This is America, dude!" your friend shouted so loudly that you had to hold the phone away from your ear.

"You don't have to yell, Alfred." You sighed.

"Oh, hey ____! What's up?" he asked, lowering his voice just a bit.

"Being bored and stressed out. Lovi was being a dick for some unknown reason and so I had to go home….so do you wanna…I dunno…hang out?" you asked, mentally praying that he didn't start shouting.

You jinxed yourself.

"YEAAAH!!! Woohoo! Let's meet at—"

"Your favorite ice cream place?" You finished.

"Hey, how'd you know?" he pouted.

You rolled your eyes but actually smiled. There was something about America that actually made you feel better sometimes. You supposed it was his lack of seriousness that made you feel more carefree yourself.

"Oh, calm down. I'll meet you there in 20, ok?" you said, smiling.

"Ok!" he shouted, before hanging up.

Smiling, you headed out the door and made your way to your meeting place….and just after you shut your door, the phone rang….you just missed it…

Finally the answering machine picked up. " already know who it is…look I'm….I'm…ugh! I'm sorry about what happened ok? And I know you've got to be home right now, so can you just answer? I…I kinda want to tell you what's been bothering me…____? Fine! Have it your way, you stubborn bitch! I guess you don't wanna hear what I have to say! Fickle woman!"


Finally making it to the ice cream place, you smiled. It was your favorite one yourself actually. It was just a small outdoor shop, with lots of places to sit outside and enjoy your treat. It was a gorgeous day too so it made everything even better.

"______!" you heard from behind you.

"Hey, Alfred!" you greeted, sounding much happier than before already.

"So, _____, you ready for some awesome ice cream?!" he asked, with his blue eyes widening.

You laughed. "Of course."

Making your way to the stand, you decided to order first. You decided on your favorite flavor single scoop cone.

"Alright ma'am, that will be $2.50." the man said warmly.

You smiled and reached into your pocket and that's when you realized it…shit! You had forgotten your wallet!

"Is something wrong ______?" America asked.

You looked at him with some amount of embarrassment.

"I forgot my money at home." You said, rubbing the back of your head.

America laughed. "That's ok! I'll pay!" he said, ordering…one cone?

After getting the sweet, frozen treat the two of you sat down. You still didn't get it.

"We have the same favorite flavor you know. Here, I'll let you have the first taste!" America said, offering you the cone.

"Huh?" you said. "We're sharing it?"

"Well yeah…is that ok?" he asked, looking a bit disappointed.

You immediately felt bad. Alfred had come out here because you wanted something to do and now you were dissing him when he was being nice enough to share with you?

"Of course not." You said smiling and taking the cone.

You took a small chunk out of it, not wanting to hog the whole thing. And soon the cone was being passed back and forth with many laughs and you had ALMOST forgotten about Lovino…that was until you looked off to the side slightly and caught a glimpse of a familiar figure out of the corner of your eye.

You immediately whipped your head the rest of the way around to see an emotionless Lovino staring at you and Alfred.

"L-Lovino! What are you doing here?" you asked, rushing up to him.

He immediately took a few steps back, looking…hurt?

"Lovino?" you said, reaching your hand out to touch him.

You gasped when he smacked your arm away and changed his face to one of anger.

"So that's how it is huh?!  You get pissed off at me, run off, and hang out with…your BOYFRIEND!!!" Romano snarled.

"Boyfriend?" you questioned.

Then you realized just how it must have looked from a distance. You and Alfred sharing light conversation and laughing away, sharing an ice cream…

"H-he's not!" you said, trying to mend the current misunderstanding.

"Fuck that!" Romano snapped. "And NOW you think I'm an IDIOT! Well that's just perfect!" he said.

At the end of his sentence, you could have sworn you heard his voice crack.

"I wasn't like that! I'm telling you!" you begged, taking hold of his wrist.

"Don't touch me anymore!" he said, trying to jerk free but you held on. "I said LET GO!" he shouted, actually pushing you off.

You gasped from shock and Lovino's eyes widened, obviously shocked at how forcefully he had just treated you. He continued to stare at you for a while longer, neither of you saying a word, until you saw one bead of moisture drop from his right eye.

"Lovino…are you—"

But before you could finish, Romano spun around and took off as fast as he could.

You called after him a million times over but he never even looked back. You could feel your eyes fill with tears as you watched him disappear. Finally you turned around and collapsed onto the seat.

"____...I'm sorry…" America said, feeling legitimately ashamed that he had hurt your friendship.

You shook your head. "It's not your fault…" you sniffed.

There was a silence.

"You really love him a lot don't you ____?" America said, looking at you intently.

Your head snapped up to look at America. "Well of course I do. I've been friends with Lovino forever."

America chuckled a bit, which irritated you seeing as how this was a very serious situation.

"No, I mean you're in love with him right? It's totally obvious!" America said.

Your eyes widened….in love with….Lovino?

That's when it hit you. How…how could you not have seen it? How did freaking America see it and not you?!

He wasn't that whiney little Chibi Romano anymore…he was still crabby but your childhood friend was now a handsome man.

Tears sparkled in your eyes. 'It's clear now…I'm in love with him. Before I knew it…I'd grown to love him so much. I love his eyes, his voice, that curl on his head, and even his stupid attitude problem! I am…I am…I'm in love with Lovino Vargas!'

You bolted upright and looked to Alfred. "Thanks…"

That was all you could say before you took off running.


It may have been odd or inappropriate, but the first place you stopped was actually your own house. You wanted to collect yourself at least a little bit before you talked to Romano. You weren't even sure what you wanted to say or how you were going to say it to him.

Flopping down on your couch, you began to think.


'Shut up, stupid sound, I'm trying to think…' you thought with irritation.


'What the hell?'


'What is that freaking noise?!'

Then you realized what it was. Your answering machine!

You pressed the button to play the messages. You listened closely…

"One new message, received on Friday at 2:30 pm." The machine announced robotically.

'2:30? That's RIGHT after I left!'

You were shaken from your thoughts when you heard the message begin:

" already know who it is…look I'm….I'm…ugh! I'm sorry about what happened ok? And I know you've got to be home right now, so can you just answer? I…I kinda want to tell you what's been bothering me…____? Fine! Have it your way, you stubborn bitch! I guess you don't wanna hear what I have to say! Fickle woman!"

End of message.

Finally you couldn't hold back the tears that started to rush down your cheeks. He had called you! He called you saying he was sorry! Oh god…he must have thought you didn't answer his call and THEN ran off to see Alfred!

'He was finally going to share something he was feeling…he was finally going to tell me!' you thought painfully as you finally stood up and took off out your door without a second thought.

You felt raindrops hitting your head. Just your luck; the weather had to fucking change just like that.

'Lovino…wait for me!' you're mind and heart cried.

You were running so fast due to the rain and the determination in your heart that you made it to his home in practically half the time. Bounding up his front porch you hammered on the door at a million miles per hour.

"What the hell do you want, bastard Feliciano?!" he shouted from inside.

That's when you realized…ugh this hyperactive knocking must have sounded like his brother when he wanted someone to save his ass.

"It's not Feli! It's me! Lovino!" you shouted.

Great….you regretted it…he was probably not going to ever open the door now that he knew it was you….

Then much to your surprise you heard the lock click and then the door slowly open to reveal a very messy looking Lovino…with his shirt off.

You blushed and gulped hard when you noticed his hair was wet and hanging onto his face in a very sexy way…and his toned chest still glistened with moisture. He had apparently just taken a shower. Oh yeah…he took showers when he was upset…

A silence…

"Well are you going to stand there in the damn rain?" he said, walking off into the living room.

You didn't answer, but rather followed him inside and closed the door behind you.

You walked over to see him on the couch, stretched out with his eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed…god he looked so incredibly sexy right now…especially considering you just discovered how you truly felt about him.

"I…got your message just about 10 minutes ago…" you said softly.

That opened Romano's eyes.

"Ten minutes ago?" he asked, trying to sound angry still, but ending up sounding curious.

"Yeah…I missed your call by like a second or two…" you said sadly. "I guess I thought you hated me and so I went out with Al to get my mind off of it. I forgot my wallet and so we had to share…"

Lovino frowned. 'Fuck! What the hell…way to go Lovino. You fucking yelled at her and shoved her back there for no damn reason. She didn't do a damn thing and I pushed her and yelled at her like that….' He thought bitterly.

"I didn't know ____." Romano said, sounding a bit pitiful.

"Yeah I know…" you said, sounding rather pitiful yourself.

You finally made eye contact with him, your (color) eyes greeting his brown ones.

"Lovino I….well…" you began.

"Um…did you want to know what I was going to say?" he asked, looking off to the side and allowing his wet hair to cover his eyes.

"From when you called me? Well…if you want to…" you said slowly.

He scooted over on the couch as a signal for you to sit down next to him. When you did, there was nothing for a moment.

"It started to bug me ______. When I couldn't stop thinking about it." He said, still not fully looking at you.

"What are you talking about?" you asked, blinking and raising a brow in confusion.

"I knew it for a long time but I just didn't say anything." He continued, still being beyond vague.

"Lovino, you're making no se—"

Before you could finish, Lovino had grabbed your shoulders and mashed his lips up against yours. What the… you were about to respond but his kiss was much shorter than you anticipated.

"Shit!" he said, punching the couch. "Fuck! I'm sorry ______. What the fuck did I just do? Damn it…." He said, smiling sadly.

"Lovino…do you…love me?" you asked tenderly.

"What the hell do you think? I just fucking kissed you didn't I? What else do you think that would mean? What do you—"

It was Romano's turn to be caught off guard as you somehow managed to swiftly place yourself in his lap and push your lips up against his fiercely. You waited about ten seconds for him to respond but when he didn't, you tried to pull back, only to have Romano hold the back of your head to keep you close.

"Don't you dare try to stop now." He said, sounding slightly husky, his Italian accent thickening. It sent pleasurable shivers down your spine as you moved your lips to press against his once again.

He let out a sort of half sigh, half groan, as he further twined his fingers in your locks, while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

You squeaked a bit when you felt Romano run his tongue across your lower lip.

"God I love you _______." He said against your lips.

You could hear it in his voice…he meant it with all of his heart.

With that you smashed your mouth against his again, letting your tongue join his a bit shyly. Lovino's larger tongue wrapped around yours and wrestled and teased it romantically. Soon his behavior coaxed you into gaining some confidence of your own.

After kissing like that for some time, you both needed to breath, so you finally pulled apart, looking at each other. You giggled at the blush that saturated Lovino's cheeks.

"Shut up!" he said, looking embarrassed. "I…I've never kissed anyone before!" he said.

Your eyes widened. "Really?....Me either…" you said softly before resting your head against his bare shoulder. "I love you Lovino…"

He sighed and wrapped his arms around your waist. "I love you too ______."

You smiled to yourself and moved your hand up to stroke his hair affectionately. It was all so romantic until you heard a rather throaty groan come from Romano along with a shiver and a slight upward push from his hips.

You were confused until you looked up to see your fingers tangled in his curl.

"Oh, I'm sorry Lovi!" you said, pulling your hand away and observing the blush that had darkened even further on his cheeks along with yours.

"Mmmmnnnn….i-it's fine this time I guess…" he managed to say, pulling you even closer.

You smiled against the skin of his neck….you were so happy right now…happier than you had ever been before.

"_________?" Romano said, sounding tender for once.

"Hm?" you said lazily.

"Ti amo…." He breathed, kissing your shoulder.

You hugged him even tighter and smiled as a single tear slipped from your eye. "Ti amo, Lovino….ti amo…."
Raaaawrrr....CHIGI!!! XD well it's finally done. This is my first hetalia x reader insert. I kept seeing them all over the freaking place and finally decided to do one. I have no idea why I decided to go with Romano XD Well anyway I hope you like it!

Like this? More here: [link]
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