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June 17, 2012


21 (who?)
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[x] You have seen at least 5 episodes of Hetalia
[x] You know Marukaite Chikyuu
[x] You can sing Marukaite Chikyuu by memory
[x] You've read fan fiction for Hetalia
[x] You've written fan fiction for Hetalia
[x] You've made fan art for Hetalia
[x] You've read doujinshi for Hetalia
[x] You belong to one or more Hetalia-themed groups on dA
[x] You've seen/made Hetalia yaoi
[x] You have an OTP or know the pairings you like
[x] You can quote Hetalia
[x] You know Finland is Sweden's wife (Though I love him with my awesome friend :iconlittlered1091:
[x] World History / Geography classes make you laugh, cry, etc.
[x] The phrases 'vital regions', 'five meters', 'Russia is the biggest', or 'Canada is on top of America' make you laugh
[x] You've used "Ve~", "PASTAA~", "aru", "Aiyah", "da", "kolkolkol", etc. when speaking
[x] You want to become One with Russia and/or have asked someone to
[x] You have watched 10 minute challenges of Hetalia clips
[x] You have commented on an unrelated video about Hetalia
[x] You look at a map and automatically see the characters
[x] You refer to the countries as people
[ ] You correct people if they don't refer to a country with the right gender
[x] You and your friends refer to each other as countries
[x] You've used Hetalia to study and/or remembered it on a test (The only way I passed my history test in fall semester of last year was because of many Nordic questions...))
[x] You named or wanted to name one of your possessions after a Hetalia character
[x] You've cosplayed before as a Hetalia character (at home XD was curious if I could pull off Fem!America)
[x] You've tried to have an ahoge (sometimes I have a curl that sticks out in the morning and I have to straighten it))
[x] Your profile picture has a Hetalia character in it
[x] You've accidentally referred to a country by its human name
[/] You freak out when someone forgets Canada (I don't freak out but I get bugged lol)
[x] You know what Liechtenstein, Seychelles, etc. are
[x] You can find them on a map
[x] You've wanted to or have pulled the curl, hair, etc. on someone's head (and have done so)
[ ] You're afraid to visit France, Russia, etc. because of the characters (are you shitting me? I WANNA GO))
[x] You can name stereotypes of a country because of the characters (but I was always able to XD)
[/] You refer to East Germany strictly as Prussia and get sad when someone insists Prussia no longer exists (I don't refer to east Germany as Prussia XD but I love the idea of Prussia's existence)
[xxxxx] You've used the phrase " ____ is almost as awesome as Prussia"
[x] You can find Texas and Nantucket in a picture of America
[x] You know what APH stands for (Is this really a question...)
[x] You purposefully look up AMV's, pictures, etc. of Hetalia (Does any fan of Hetalia NOT do this :iconwthplz:)
[x] You can name everyone in the Axis and Allies and not forget Canada
[x] You own Hetalia merchandise or have decorated a possession to be Hetalia-themed
[ ] The only material you read is Hetalia fan fiction (I read Soul Eater too and also write for it)
[x] You've sneaked Hetalia into a school assignment
[/] You believe Sealand is an independent country
[x] Whenever someone says "Marry me" you think of Belarus (Sometimes and I also think of Mr. Cat from Princess Tutu)
[x] You know the names of most Hetalia characters
[x] You know the character songs of some Hetalia characters
[x] People think you're a history buff because you know so much about foreign countries (I've always known from a young age. I was laways facinated with foreign culture)
[x] You know who Hidekaz Himaruya is
[ ] You worship him
[x] You've read the strips and seen the anime
[xxxxxxx] You wish you had a pet Flying Mint Bunny, Gilbird, etc.
[x] You've RP'd (Role Played) as a Hetalia character either online or in person
[x] You know Australia and Austria aren't the same thing
[ ] You'll freak out on anyone who doesn't (nobut I'm mentally pissed))
[x] You have a Hetalia OC
[/] You wish you were a nation (If I was in the Hetalia universe)
[x] You've had dreams about the nations
[ ] People have called you a fangirl/fanboy/otaku/weaboo

I got a total of 52... so I'm a Hetard. Saw it coming.

0-10: Not a fangirl/fanboy. You're normal.
11-20: Slight fangirl/fanboy. You're one of those normal, slight fans that can't get into most Hetalia discussions.
21-30: Half fangirl/fanboy. Here people might look at you funny, but you're still pretty normal.
31-40: Fangirl/Fanboy. At this point people start to stare.
41-50: Crazed fangirl/fanboy. This is the stage where people start to hate you, but you'll always have your fellow fans.
51-60: Hetard. Welcome to the dark side. You have a freaking obsession, and it's never going away. Congratulations, have some pasta~
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